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Google Slides cheat sheet

How to use Google Slides to create, collaborate on, and lead business presentations.

Google Slides / A team views a presentation on screen.
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Need to build a slide presentation for a meeting, training or other event? Google Slides is an easy-to-use presentation app that comes with the essential tools and more. You use it through your web browser, with your presentations stored in the cloud with Google Drive. Anyone with a Google account can use Slides and Drive for free. They’re also part of G Suite, Google’s subscription-based suite of office apps for business and enterprise customers.

This guide familiarizes you with the interface and shows you how to start a new presentation; upload and edit one that you have stored on your PC’s hard drive, such as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation; collaborate with others on a presentation; and, of course, present it. This guide is written with the assumption that you know the basics of designing presentations.

In addition to the web app, Google offers a Slides mobile app for Android and iOS. We cover a few notable differences with the mobile app.

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