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Async video platform Loom gets collaborative ‘HQ’

With aynchronous video evolving into an alternative to real-time conversations, companies like Loom are scrambling to add capabilities to their apps and software.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace rolls out updates to Meet, Chat and Voice

Google is looking to bridge the gap between physical and remote meeting attendees, and boost real-time and asynchronous collaborations through a new set of features across its Workspace collaboration platform.

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Intel lays out its flexible working policy

As a growing number of technology companies announce their new flexible work policies, Intel is the latest company to encourage employees back into the workplace.

12 zero trust

How to stop worrying and love zero trust

If you want to work remotely from home — or stay on the move as a digital nomad — you can thank zero trust for making that possible.

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Amex GBT: Biz travel isn't dead, and now we need 'Chief Journey Officers'

As business travel continues to tick back up, organizations are beginning to look at internal travel as key to creating and maintaining company culture as well as attracting and retaining top talent, according to a new study.

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At Enterprise Connect, IT pros set out their hybrid work strategies

Hybrid remote work brings opportunities – and headaches – for IT. A panel of enterprise tech leaders explained their various strategies at this year’s Enterprise Connect industry conference.

home feed and meeting gems panel overhauls its popular transcription platform

The AI-powered transcription service is setting its sights on improving the in- and post-meeting experience for workers around the world.

Poly Studio P21

HP to acquire Poly for $3.3B

HP takes aim at the hybrid working trend with its purchase of the video and audio equipment specialists Poly.

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As Omicron wanes, where does that leave working from home?

The trend toward remote work is basically in the same place it was before: it's often still the best option for the best workers.

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With work-life ‘integration,’ say goodbye to the 9-5 workday

Instead of forcing employees to choose between work and a personal life, companies are pushing work-life integration, effectively blurring the lines between the two. The end game? Results matter more than punching a time clock.

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The trouble with hybrid work

Hybrid work — that's the answer! Employees can work part time in the office, part time at home, right? Problem solved! (Maybe not.)

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Cisco: Your Webex meeting could soon be behind the wheel

With AirPlay support, users will be able to wirelessly connect with iPhones, iPads, and Macs to share content or mirror their screens in a meeting with colleagues — even while driving a car.

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As high-tech firms lead the return to office, leasing rates hit positive territory

High-tech firms are leading the return to office trend as commercial leasing rates are slowly rising, but that doesn't mean office space is being filled the same way as before the pandemic; actual occupancy rates remain low.

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Four-day workweek’s popularity grew during the pandemic — survey

As companies scrambled during the COVID-19 outbreak to reorient their workplace procedures and processes, one idea that gained ground was a shorter workweek.

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Microsoft’s Work Trend Index highlights a growing disconnect over hybrid work

The vendor’s annual survey showed a growing divide between employer and employee attitudes towards hybrid work.

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Tech giants move to reopen offices, but differ on hybrid-work plans

Apple, Google, and Twitter are taking different paths to flexible work policies as they move to reopen their offices; Microsoft started its reopening Feb. 28.

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Could the post-pandemic, hybrid workplace boost gender equality?

While flexible work polices have been praised for bolstering diversity in the workforce, when it comes to gender parity, it's unclear how much they'll help.

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Apple joins the Great Return to (hybrid) work

Having made a ton of cash offering products to support remote work, Apple has announced its corporate employees must begin returning to the office April 11.

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